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How to live 100 Healthy Years Audio

Dr. Villeponteau the formulator of Stem Cell 100 talks about increasing longevity and improving healthy quality of life during a conference call on April 3, 2012.

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About Bryant Villeponteau, Ph.D.


B.A. in Business Economics, M.S. in Public Health Biostatistics, and Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. All university work done at UCLA in Los Angeles.

Professional Experience and Accomplishments

? Postdoctoral Fellowship at the UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry for 3 yrs.

? Assistant Research Chemist at the UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry for 6 yrs. Research on gene regulation was favorably reviewed in a Nature News and Views Article (Nature 316, pp. 394-395, August 1985).

? Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at University of Michigan Medical School for 6 yrs. Pioneered gene structure and gene targeting technology and was rated one of the top lecturers at UM.

? First Senior Scientist to join Geron Corporation in 1993 ? Started project to clone Telomerase.

? Cloned RNA component of human telomerase in early 1994 and was awarded the IPO Distinguished Inventor Award in 1997 for the human telomerase RNA patent.

? Telomerase Project Leader of 22+ scientists and Head of Discovery at Geron Corporation.

? Collaborated with Elizabeth Blackburn and Carol Greider (winners of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine for their discovery of the enzyme telomerase) in the mid-1990s

? CEO of HealthSpan Sciences, Inc., a San Diego biotech company, for 3+ years.

? Strategic biotech consultant for Sierra Sciences LLC for 8 years, and shorter periods for other biotech companies.

? Cofounder of the Supercentenarian Research Foundation.

? Cofounder of the biotech company Centagen, Inc. with a focus on stem cells.

? CEO and cofounder of Life Code LLC.

? Formulated the nutraceutical Stem Cell 100, which has been shown to double maximum life span of Drosophila and provide telomere support

? Creative problem solver and inventor, who was has extensive knowledge of the genomics, biochemistry, and cell biology of human aging.

? Goggle Villeponteau for more details.